Monday, September 22, 2008

Cover Boy!

Check out my sexy husband on the cover of the October issues of Austin Runner and Triathlete Canada magazines....It's tough to take a bad photo of him. I took the Austin Runner cover photo a few days before Ironman Lake Placid, this past July while James was being interviewed for the Ironman TV coverage. The weather was gorgeous and the cloudy sky made for an even more dramatic shot. The Triathlete Canada cover photo was shot during the second bike loop of Ironman Lake Placid on race day. Unfortunately the temperature dropped down to 60 degrees and it rained the entire day...and I mean the entire day...and James got a mild case of hypothermia...I guess that will happen with only 5% body fat!

We are off to the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii in two weeks, so check back for photos. I'll be photographing the men's and women's pro race and James is ready to rock!


Suzpotts said...

HELLLLOOOOO, Bunny! James looks fit and ready to take over Kona! Great pictures!

Keith Russell said...

Just wanted an opportunity to say what fantastic photos on your website Liz! I always enjoyed your galleries on the old Paceline website and your photos of Lance are just exceptional. 12 years ago I worked as a sports photographer for my local paper here in the UK and always strived for images that were different. Got a few but never topped anything on your website :-) Fantastic!