Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm Alive!

Ok, I have to be the worst blogger ever! I had great intentions of posting photos and keeping you update on everything Olympics...I should have known better. We (the photogs and most of all the press) are working 20 hour days and I'm pretty sure I have bronchitis or walking pneumonia. There is so much to shoot it's easy to get overwhelmed and run down. I'm going to post a few of my favorites and add more later. I'm new at this whole blog thing, so bear with me!

China is amazing. The people are ridiculously least the ones in the villiage and the guy at the front door of my condo tells me to "have a nice dream" when I head to bed everynight. They do have a few key phrases that they've been taught...I'm sorry that is against the rules and thank you for your cooperation. There is no deviating from "the rules" and I really don't want to get arrested or my credential yanked so I hear, "Thank you for your cooperation a lot." I've been shooting a lot of cycling and swimming. Last night was the mens 100M butterfly heats and I really wanted to shoot my friend Val from Canon's brother Fred from France, Ian Crocker and Michael Phelps from the coveted "Pool" position....doesn't everyone? So I asked the venue photo manager if I could shoot there for their three heats and she said ok! It's amazing what you can get when you ask nicely and make friends!! Sweeeeeet! I also got above for the 50meter heat start to shoot with the fisheye.

Another time I got exclusive shots was at fencing. I know what you're thinking...fencing?? I was, but it was so much fun to shoot!! The lighting was amazing and the jubliation (Jub as we call it) was amazing! I first went up top with the video cameras to get the logos and was in the right place at the right time for the Chinese competitor to win his match and photogrpah him as he celebrated between the rings. Then I headed down and tried some different angles. I highly recommend shooting fencing.

Cycling at the Great Wall was historic and Kristin and Levi did great! I think I lost 10 lbs running up and down the wall with all my gear...yea skinny...It was one of the hardest working days of my life, but I'd do it again in a heart beat. You think Texas is humid and hot...if you haven't been to China you have no idea! It is rediculous and the Chinese don't sweat...I don't get it! I am soaking and they don't have a drip on them.

There is so much to tell you about! Tonight is the fist night of track and field so I'm going to head over to the birds nest to check it out after shooting tennis...USA vs China. Tomorrow is a big day at swimming. Michael Phelps is going for number seven in the 100m butterfly and Ian could upset him. I'll be there to shoot it! Awesome.

Thanks for checking in and I appologize again for not posting anything. It's more important to shoot and get images...I promise I'll get caught up one of these days!